Mission statements tend to described in more detail what an organization is trying to do over the short term. At Hallmark, the creative advisory group described itself as “a corporate consultancy that gathers, analyzes and disseminates information of transit impact our business”. Its mission was “to identify, organize, and present pertinent information in ‘knowledge bundles’ that are quickly understood and stimulate fresh thinking”. Also included was “we strive to help clients ask the right questions rather than provide them with answers”. These statements gave participants in this group a good understanding of how to focus their energy on appropriate corporate projects and to do it in a way that was going to add value.

Another technical group, the corporate laboratory of Avery Dennison in the mid-19 90’s described its mission as “to promote and develop, commercialize and protect, both expertise and innovative technologies in an energetic and learning environment via interdependent synergistic partnerships”. It also defined “our projects: (1) range from high impact problem solving to global strategic developments, (2) Demonstrate fundamental understanding and insight, and (3) Increase ‘economic value added’ and accelerate growth for both our corporation and the global community”. Again this mission statement provides a high-level description what individuals in the organization should strive to do, what kinds of projects they should be working on, and what the outcome should be.

These vision statements there but a few examples of many mission statements that are appropriate to their respective organizations. The point to be made here is when one has many different kinds of group’s interacting towards a common goal they have to understand how to prioritize and work together to create win-win situations. Clear vision statements and clear mission statements help them know when they are in bounds and out of bounds for the Corporation. Having this insight embedded in employees and independent contractors allows new product development and new business development projects to proceed at a much faster pace.