Output or R&D Impact Metrics

The goals of the Output or Impact Metrics are to improve the quality of decision making and the "practice of R&D". Note that there is overlap between In-Process and Output metrics. Many can be the same; it is just the scope [...]


There are Five General Guidelines for "Enablers" Related to Improving Speed to Market. It is essential to take them into account before embarking on a program to improve Speed to Market. 1. Enablers of Product Development Speed Vary; focus on the [...]

Overview of Technology Strategic Planning Processes

Strategic Planning Process Almost all good strategic planning processes start with reviewing the internal and external environments. It's important to know what's going on inside a company (by way of core competencies), what competitors are doing, what the industry is doing, [...]

Technology Strategic Planning Summary

In closing this section on technology strategic planning one can ask is we did in the beginning is it really worth the trouble. This was studied by the Industrial Research Institute's Research-On-Research Committee's Subcommittee. This group studying technology and business integration [...]

Creating an IP Strategy

The strategic intellectual property process is developed by building the organization structure, the business processes, and the intellectual property methodologies to provide all that is needed to realize maximum value from intellectual property. Many of the concepts which are set out [...]

Organizational Alignment for Innovation

Three Domains of Corporate Innovation Being able to strategically engage creative thought and implement the results is what generates business value. Innovation in this context is the process of envisioning and successfully implementing new ways of doing things. This involves strategic [...]

Technology Strategy via Reviewing the Project Mix

Technical Difficulty and Commercial Potential The classic method for evaluating and selecting next-generation products is to look at risk versus reward. The risk is often put in terms of technical difficulty whereas a reward is usually defined as net present value [...]

Strategic Planning for Incremental Growth

Learning Customers’ Needs   Needs of Potential Customers Discussion Points Customer Development Process Relative Effectiveness The most critical component of incremental business strategy is to understand customer’s needs. In the “Learning Customers’ Needs” figure the common forms of gathering needs are [...]

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