Technology Strategy via Reviewing the Project Mix

Technical Difficulty and Commercial Potential The classic method for evaluating and selecting next-generation products is to look at risk versus reward. The risk is often put in terms of technical difficulty whereas a reward is usually defined as net present value [...]

Levels of Innovation – Overview

Levels of Innovation Perceptions of innovation differ. The ones used in this book will be those generally accepted by the Industrial Research Institute (IRI) a professional society headquartered in Washington, DC. The “Levels of Innovation” figure shows word choice that describes [...]

Technology Strategy via Reviewing the Projects

The next step in the technology strategic planning process is to review the projects. One of the most important elements at this point is to divide projects into three categories: These are those projects in which the technology changes are incremental, [...]

Level 1 & 2: “Incremental Innovation”

Creative Problem Solving Model Returning now to problem solving for a new business idea, Incremental Innovation is about becoming more patient and more effective. “Doing things right”, Level 1, is about creatively finding new ways to do things that improve cost [...]

Technology Strategy via Reviewing the Environment

The reviewing the environment approach to technology strategic planning consists of looking both inside and outside the company for patterns that affect the technology project portfolio. What follows are a mix of methodologies from various sources. They allow a corporation to [...]

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