Managing Horizon 1 and Process Improvement Projects

Because of the comparatively low level of innovation required for Horizon One and Process Improvement projects, these projects can be started from lists of identified opportunities. These lists typically come from key customer requests, marketing and business development personnel, trend analysis, [...]

Level 1 & 2: “Incremental Innovation”

Creative Problem Solving Model Returning now to problem solving for a new business idea, Incremental Innovation is about becoming more patient and more effective. “Doing things right”, Level 1, is about creatively finding new ways to do things that improve cost [...]

The Seven Levels of Change / Innovation

A Strategy for Creativity, Innovation, and Continuous Improvement An excellent and more practical method for thinking about creativity, innovation, and continuous improvement was put forward by Rolf Smith. Rolf divided creative thinking into seven different levels. The “A Strategy for Creativity, [...]

Innovation Frameworks for Project Management

Innovation Framework Another segmentation method is using either the stage and gate funnel model or the agile / lean innovation framework model. In the ”Innovation Framework” figure, ideas move through problem-solving and business model generation onto commercialization. One of the great [...]

Mental Capability

The best practical model to assess Levels of Thought / Mental Capability was described in Executive Leadership by Elliott Jaques. High output organizations are characterized by clearly demarcated levels of authority and accountability, and ensuring the people at each level of [...]

SPC Tools Used for Scale-Up and Production

Although many companies have abandoned SPC tools for the more powerful DOE techniques, there are exceptions. Major exception is they have trained their entire direct labor force in elementary SPC tools so they can tackle low-grade quality problems. The result is [...]

Identifying Potentially Prolific Inventors

One of the challenges in building an Innovation Organization is hiring and partnering with prolific inventors. Many authors have published descriptions and tools for doing so, but one of the best is the Inventor Profile developed by John Huber. His work [...]

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