Why Bother Structuring and Managing Technology?

Attrition of New Business Development Projects The desire to structure innovation processes is driven by the attrition of NPD projects as they proceed toward commercialization, see the “Attrition of New Business Development Project” figure. On average it takes between 1-3000 ideas [...]


There are Five General Guidelines for "Enablers" Related to Improving Speed to Market. It is essential to take them into account before embarking on a program to improve Speed to Market. 1. Enablers of Product Development Speed Vary; focus on the [...]

Project and Program Management Software Tracking Tools

As innovation funnels grow in size and/or complexity to achieve corporate growth ambitions, program management teams must become more efficient with their time and finite resources. Therefore, emerging systems & tools in the area of project and program management are important [...]

Valuing Technical Projects: DCF, Options and Other Methods

Valuing technical projects is key to accurate portfolio management, stage gate decisions and resource allocation issues. The methods vary according to whether a project falls into Category 1 Incremental, Category 2 Next-Generation, or Category 3 Radical and Breakthrough Innovation. For Horizon [...]

Mental Capability

The best practical model to assess Levels of Thought / Mental Capability was described in Executive Leadership by Elliott Jaques. High output organizations are characterized by clearly demarcated levels of authority and accountability, and ensuring the people at each level of [...]

Use of IP Processes to Build Shareholder Value

Segmentation and Interaction of IP Processes The goal of effective and efficient IP Processes is to build shareholder value. Many authors and conferences have addressed IP Processes and their complexity. The subject was best summarized by Lex van Wijk in his [...]

Types of Business Models That Affect Strategic Planning

Business Model Archetypes In the work done at the Sloan School of Management at MIT, four basic business model archetypes were defined. These were Creator, Distributor, Landlord, and Broker. From each of these basic archetypes 16 specific models were developed depending [...]

Elements Human Capital Planning

People have defined and segmented Human Capital / Resources / Capabilities many different ways. Of these myriad of approaches the best approach for managing innovation and commercialization of sustainable businesses is to simplify Human Capital / Resources / Capabilities to three [...]

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