There are firms, products and markets for which increasing speed-to-market is likely to bring needed benefits to the company, there are others for which it may not. One high level trade-off is made at the project level.  If a project team [...]

Supplier Partnership Model Agreement

Summary:To improve the role definition of individuals involved with our key partnership relationships a three layer organizational model is proposed. Although the model appears complex at first, the intercompany partnership relationship can best be managed by breaking the relationship into manageable [...]

Benchmarking Best New Product Development Practices

Low overall R&D project commercialization rates prompted Robert Cooper and others to start benchmarking NPD best practices. These were reported in Research Technology Management, February 2004. In their studies they listed 17 best practice topic areas going all the way from [...]

Intellectual Property Metrics

Metrics related to intellectual property have been covered lightly in some of the previous chapters on intellectual property. This section specifically addresses intellectual property metrics is related to R&D or business performance. Key high-level intellectual property metrics relating to R&D performance [...]

78 “KEYS” Questions for Measuring Motivation

The following questions are answered multiple choice with one of four responses: Never: never almost never true of your current work environment Sometimes: sometimes true of your current work environment Often, often true of your current work environment Always: always or [...]

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