Chapter 3: History of and Environment for New Product and Business Ideas

History of and Environment for New Product and Business Ideas Historic Perspective Inventive and Innovative Frameworks Are Used Environmental effects on Invention and Innovation Interdisciplinary Insight Effects on Invention and InnovationFuture Pathways of InnovationSources, References and Selected Bibliographic Information -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  Historic [...]

Chapter 19: Managing Competitive Intelligence Projects

Managing Competitive Intelligence Projects Background Supporting Business Strategy with Competitive Intelligence War Rooms and Story-Boards Competitive Intelligence Role in Business Appraisals Competitive Intelligence Assessments for Mergers & Acquisitions Competitive Intelligence for Technical Strategic Planning and Project Management Reviews Competitive Intelligence Assessments [...]

Chapter 6: Strategic Business Planning

Strategic Business Planning Overview of factors Affecting Business Strategic Plans Strategic Plans vs. Strategic Architecture Strategic Planning for Incremental Growth Strategic Planning for Disruptive Growth Matching Asset Planning to Industry Segment What Stakeholders Expect In Business Strategic Plans – Boards and [...]

Chapter 9: Human Capital Planning

Human Capital Planning Overview of Human Capital PlanningElements Human Capital Planning Skills Motivation Mental Capability Overall Human Capital CapabilityPyramid Of Corporate HealthAppendix 1. 78 KEYS Questions for Measuring MotivationAppendix 2. Script for Strategic Planning MeetingsSources, References and Selected Bibliographic Information ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [...]

Chapter 7: Technology Strategic Planning

Technology Strategic Planning How Much Technology Strategic Planning Is Necessary?Overview of Technology Strategic Planning ProcessesTechnology Strategy via Strategic Intent and Technology Core CompetenciesTechnology Strategy via Technology/Product Function/Market MatrixTechnology Strategy via a QFD approach with Desirability and Experience CurvesTechnology Strategy via Commercial/Technology [...]

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