Overview of factors Affecting Business Strategic Plans

In the next posts we’re going to address strategic planning from a number of viewpoints. The first chapter in this series relates to business strategic planning. Four Models of Strategy Shona Browning and Kathleen Eisenhardt compared various ways to create business [...]

Technology Strategy via Reviewing the Project Mix

Technical Difficulty and Commercial Potential The classic method for evaluating and selecting next-generation products is to look at risk versus reward. The risk is often put in terms of technical difficulty whereas a reward is usually defined as net present value [...]

Technology Strategy via Business Model Canvas

Another approach to strategic planning is to develop an Innovation Thesis. The process to do so consists of seven steps utilizing 10 to 12 top executives within the business for a two day workshop. This must include all the top decision-makers [...]

Technology Strategy via Reviewing the Environment

The reviewing the environment approach to technology strategic planning consists of looking both inside and outside the company for patterns that affect the technology project portfolio. What follows are a mix of methodologies from various sources. They allow a corporation to [...]

Environmental effects on Invention and Innovation

In conjunction with structured approaches of invention and innovation, the idea of providing individuals with environments that would allow them to dramatically increase their creative output was also undertaken by corporations such as Polaroid. The focus was on “learning to innovate” [...]

Overview of Knowledge Codification and Management

Business leaders in the intellectual capital community have been struggling for a long time to figure out how to gain maximum value from the tremendous amount of knowledge capital that exists in organizations with only sporadic success. The true sources of [...]

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