Although not so much a strategic planning method, using equity crowdfunding such as Kickstarter is an interesting way to select projects. This involves having consumers or key stakeholders “put their money where their mouth is”. It’s an alternative way to quickly determine if new business ideas are viable. It makes the statement “any good business can get funded” true with a relatively quick and easy test. The approach is possible because the U.S. JOBS Act affords any company the opportunity to sell debt or equity securities directly to investors. The U.S. JOBS Act also opens the door for smaller companies to reach investors. For larger companies, it’s a way to test consumer interest in a new idea. An alternative approach being used by companies such as Hallmark Cards is to set up pop-up stores at farmers markets or street fairs to determine directly consumer’s level of interest and project priority. This methodology is obviously best suited for consumer products, not business-to-business products or services.