A collection of resources that provides Financial Planning Best-Practices to knowledgeable and qualified individuals

Introductory Thoughts

This resource is for adults that wish to review of their financial plans. It is comprised of the best overall planning techniques for several phases of adult life. In early adulthood it is about saving for big ticket items like cars, homes, kids and retirement.

For teaching financial literacy to children please see How to Work Financial Literacy into Your Parenting

Basic Principle #1 is to “Create Income from Investment Assets”

To Carry-Out Principle #1 you must:

The Purpose of “Create Income from Investment Assets” is to convince you to put 10% of gross salary into building assets for retirement

Basic Principle #2 is to “Allocate Investment Assets into Buckets”

To Carry-Out Principle #2 you must wisely pick which Investments are right for you.  These change over your working life and retirement.  To pick the right investments you must understand and implement the following concepts:

The Purpose of “Allocate Investment Assets into Buckets” is to convince you that a Bucket Model can be used to effectively manage your assets during employment and retirement and to show you which kinds of investments belong in each Bucket

Basic Principle #3 is to “Invest in and Reallocate Investment Assets Consistent with Key Financial Growth & Risk Factors

Life comes and goes in cycles.  Each Financial Cycle presents opportunities for growth and threats of losing money.  Knowing how to reallocate your investments from one type to another (according to the financial cycles) increases the amount of money you acquire and retain for your use.  To do this you must:

The Purpose of “Reallocate Investment Assets” is to show you when to reallocate kinds of assets between/within each Bucket and to show you which geography to hold assets in