Shareholder value is created directly by generating cash or strategic value; all intellectual property assets are reviewed and value realization strategies are developed and implemented, ensuring efficient use of the portfolio; create short-term cash to fund the development of holistic intellectual property management system solutions, reducing the risk in the process; low-cost source of value, ROI on external value realization is high, large impact on bottom line; creates incremental cash which can, for example be used to fund R&D; licensing, joint ventures, donations, etc. create image of technology leadership and solidify competitive position; external value realization early in the technology lifecycle can create industry standards, resulting in tremendous value and leverage; builds internal consensus and enthusiasm regarding the value of managing intellectual property strategically; realize maximum revenues from commercialization and deployment of the intellectual property; find new or innovative ways to obtain cash from the intellectual property; retain some interest in the intellectual property in order to benefit from further development and/or commercialization.