Job Level Ladder

Roles in technical organizations have been designed along the traditional hierarchy of entry-level positions up through the CTO or VP of R&D. Responsibility and accountability increases as one moves up this management ladder. This is shown in the typical “Job Level Ladder” figure. Span of control and participation in the two main areas of management (operations and strategic planning) also increases is one moves up the ladder.

It has been found that decision quality, timeliness and productivity increase if different management teams are constructed to deal with each of the two main areas of technology management. The team to manage the operations and site of a laboratory or unit is distinct in concept from a team which conducts the strategic planning and project selection of the unit. The best individuals capable of making a high-quality, timely, and in hindsight correct decision, are those selected for participation on each of these two management teams. Evaluating a person’s “believability” for making decisions in each of these categories is a good selection criterion. This is based on Ray Dalio’s book, “Principles”.