Another important organizational design element is to match individuals’ values with the needs of an organization. One of the best tools for doing this is a Values Management Inventory available from Values Technology. By using such an assessment, each individual in the organization can be understood in terms of their phase of development as shown in the “Values Management Inventory by Stage” figure.

Values Management Inventory by Stage

As seen in this example from one individual, the individual is working in a self-initiating and interdependent manner. These values are important for an innovation organization’s strategic planning and operations management leadership roles. A person operating at the surviving and belonging Phases are likely to be happiest and most productive carrying out the work, or assisting in the work, of others. When combining the Stage Maps of all individuals and organization, the frequency distribution of their individual values can be compared against the values of the organization as a whole. It’s important for organizational development that individual and organizational values roughly align. The organization that has stated its values in terms of Phase 1 Surviving elements is likely to frustrate individuals whose personal values are at the Phase 4 Interdependent level.