Behavior Based Organization Chart

Another way to view organizations that is beneficial is through a behavioral organizational chart. This concept was promoted by IdeaConnections and is valuable for understanding long-term personnel dynamics in an Innovation Organization. The “Behavior Based Organization Chart” figure shows four classes of commitment behavior. The behaviors range from light commitment from contractors, through increasing commitment from partners. In Innovation Organizations the degree of creativity observed in an organization and the amount of effort an organization will go to commercialize creative ideas is strongly dependent upon such commitment behavior. As an example, contractors are people who upon winning the lottery are never heard from again. An employee is a person who upon winning the lottery, goes to work, gives two-week’s notice, and looks for somebody to hand the work off to. In contrast, the commitment behavior of a steward is that of a person who wins the lottery, goes to work, and makes plans to hand off his responsibilities to someone who is competent and committed. Finally at the highest level, a partner is a person who wins the lottery, considers his options for retirement, goes back to work, he continues to do what is best for the company.