Fourth Generation R&D Innovation Path Matrix

Relating this body of work back to the Strategic Planning Section III, one can see in the 4G Innovation Path Matrix Figure how one moves from “knowing what you know” and “incremental innovation”, upwards towards accessing “not knowing what you don’t know” and “radical innovation”. The insight and power of this 4G process is that it allows such mental leaps to be made with confidence. The numbered circles in the “Fourth Generation R&D Innovation Path Matrix” figure show the location of significant milestones of completed activity at transition points that enter each of the first four phases described in the Six Phases of Innovation in 4G Figure. These milestones are the rough equivalent of stage gate decision points in a 1G, 2G or 3G linear process with the exception that the pair of 4G iterative processes can return project activity to an earlier milestone whereas the milestones in the linear process are Go/Kill decision points. ‘Options’ financial accounting is applied at the 4G milestones.