IP Management Hierarchy Pyramid

To embed integrated work processes in an organization is not however an easy task. The overall objective is to evaluate and provide upgrades to the company’s IP culture, work processes, and toolsets. The goal is to create, maintain, and extract value from intellectual property in a way to the Corporation becomes a visionary intellectual property company is defined by the “IP Management Hierarchy Pyramid” as shown in the figure developed by Gathering 1 companies. Consistent with this objective is to obtain full value from the corporation’s intellectual property at the lowest cost. This includes reducing the number of patents that are abandoned and increasing those that are licensed. It also involves improving workflow efficiencies especially for the top technical and management personnel in the Corporation.

Building from (1) using the IP management hierarchy pyramid as mean to set the overall posture of the IP function, other overall management processes also need to be in place. These include (2) using R&D and licensing decision matrix tables, R&D and IP process flowcharts, software tools for detailed work, and (3) upgrading the sophistication of IP review during R&D gate reviews and conducting business reviews at IP Gates.

Other major changes involve providing tools for intellectual property management. These included (1) building standard templates for R&D gate reviews and IP decision reviews; (2) keeping IP strategies visible and easy to understand; Putting IP strategies in context; Utilizing the value view of IP in the patent / product / revenue matrix graphics for decision-making, and (3) making IP maintenance process simple and sustainable by using value maps, use maps, and three Sigma analysis.