Project Goals

Most project goals are to quickly develop high-value products and services for the Corporation’s internal use, and to license out where appropriate an expanding net of related intellectual property. This is shown in the “Project Goals” figure. The role of competitive assessment is to spark, expand and audit all ideas to create maximum value via internal company complementary assets as well as value from licensing-out the spillover products and services that can be proactively envisioned and protected. To ensure that this happens competitive assessments should:
1. Should Be Part Of All Gate Reviews. Be (a) Fact-Based Assessment, and (b) Add an External Viewpoint
2. Be the Counter-Force for Internal Development. (a) Provide Checks and Balances, (b) Investigate Strategic Partnerships, (c) License Technology to Others, (d) License In From Others, and (e) Sell As a New Business Entity

Assessing these risks requires answers to typical questions raised the project reviews. These include:
● Show an Overall View of Related Art, Uses, and competitors?
● Who are the top companies doing related work?
● Who are the top inventors doing related work?
● Which technologies can produce similar feature sets?
● How fast is the product technology changing?
● Which other companies have recently applied for patents?
● Which companies can block or circumvent other’s patents?
● What related technology and markets might be under exploration?
● How long does it typically take competitors to prosecute their patents?