Intelligence Focus Changes During Development Process

For projects that are moving down the stage / gate or agile / lean innovation processes, competitive intelligence takes on a more focused approach. In the “Intelligence Focus Changes During Development Process” figure, this change in focus moves from early broad technology scanning and trends with potential competitors into more focused monitoring of technology progress in actual/potential competitors activities as a project moves along. As projects go commercial the competitive assessments switch to market and industry trend following. The specific task for competitive intelligence teams during each stage of the development process is typically outlined in detailed Gate questions that the competitive assessment project team must answer for each project at each gate review. Examples of these detailed questions are provided in chapter 12 of this Compendium. Most important, competitive intelligence’s role during the gate reviews has to be based on their providing fact-based assessments and an external view of the world, not tainted by project ownership. Competitive intelligence must be the counterforce for internal development. Its role is to provide checks and balances to the internal process. As such, it must investigate strategic partnerships, have the ability to investigate licensing technologies to others, licensing technology in from others, and consider mergers acquisitions or disposition of businesses.