When considering a strategic technology partnership many elements need to be thoughtfully considered if the partnership is to be a success. First and foremost to consider is the strategic fit between the two organizations. If these do not match the probability of success is very low. The next element to consider is the deal structure itself. Thinking about the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of each deal element, for each party, is important pre-negotiation work. If done properly a fast win-win agreement can be reached. The next element of a good partnership is to be very clear which products and services are to be included and excluded from the agreement and work. Once the work to be done is agreed upon, the technical capabilities and management / personnel devoted to the partnership need to be defined. Finally once all else is determined, the financials for the partnership need to be developed consistent with the foregoing five partnership elements. As an example the Extended SWOT Analysis figure below provides an example of the elements that were considered for one technology development partnership initiative.

Example Extended Technology Development partnership SWOT Analysis