The following benchmarking data is provided to show the variability in metrics that exist between R&D organizations in different business areas, and with differing strategies to be labeled as a “high-performance brand” versus a “value brand”.

Input Metrics Benchmarks:

Type of R&D / Innovation Funding Distributions
R&D / Innovation Funding Sources / Allocations
Sustainability Goals Are Set for R&D / Innovation Projects
Sustainability Goals by Area of Focus
Accuracy of Sales Forecasts Used for Selecting R&D / Innovation Projects
Sources of Difference Between Forecast and Actual Final Sales Used for Selecting R&D / Innovation Projects

In-Process Metrics Benchmarks:

Use of Employee Time Tracking on Specific Activities

R&D / Innovation Output Metrics Benchmarks:

Duration of an Average R&D/Innovation Project
Metrics Used to Track Past R&D / Innovation Performance
Metrics Used to Forecast Future R&D / Innovation Performance

R&D / Innovation Business Outcomes Metrics Benchmarks:

Expected ROI from Innovation Investments
Expected Top Line Revenue Growth from Innovation Investments
Starting Time Used for Tracking Percentage of New Product Sales