Using Corporate Sustainability as an Integration Vehicle

In their final report of their 8-year study of how corporations address sustainability, MIT Sloan Management Review and The Boston Consulting Group examined the crossroads at which sustainability finds itself in 2017. At this time, despite sociopolitical upheaval that threatens to reverse key gains, their research showed that companies can develop workable — [...]


78 “KEYS” Questions for Measuring Motivation

The following questions are answered multiple choice with one of four responses: Never: never almost never true of your current work environment Sometimes: sometimes true of your current work environment Often, often true of your current work environment Always: always or almost always true of your current work environment 1. I have the [...]


Overall Human Capital Capability

Organization and individual performance is only as strong as its weakest link. As such it’s important to measure the overall skills, motivation and capability present over time. It makes sense that a person with very high technical skills but is not motivated is not likely to generate a commercial success from a project [...]


Mental Capability

The best practical model to assess Levels of Thought / Mental Capability was described in Executive Leadership by Elliott Jaques. High output organizations are characterized by clearly demarcated levels of authority and accountability, and ensuring the people at each level of the organization are mentally equipped to do their jobs. Elliott Jaques’ developed [...]


Elements Human Capital Planning

People have defined and segmented Human Capital / Resources / Capabilities many different ways. Of these myriad of approaches the best approach for managing innovation and commercialization of sustainable businesses is to simplify Human Capital / Resources / Capabilities to three basic parameters. These are the skills of the individuals and organization, the [...]


Overview of Human Capital Planning

Behavioral Organization Chart What Is an Innovative Culture It pretty much goes without saying that in order to have a high-performing innovative organization you need to have the right people working together in an innovative culture. The “What Is an Innovative Culture” figure highlights the dichotomy that exists within technical organizations. There is [...]

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