Role – CTO, VP Corporate Research
1) Advise location of offices (A, B)
3) Ensure Innovation Organization’s health and safety (HB)
1) Recruit new employees as needed (HB,A, B)
2) Responsible for continuous self-improvement (HB)
3) Direct systems for job grading (HB)
4) Ensure salary fairness for entire Innovation Organization and Corporate technical community (HB)
5) Manage and direct succession planning (HB)
6) Guide and direct management relationships within the technical organization (HB)
7) Guide bonus factor ratings (A,B)
8) Lobby for an improved grading system (HB)
9) Establish a climate for continually improving performance HB)
10) Evaluate performance of technical and support managers (HB)
11) Guide individual salary changes (A,B)
1) Be technical spokesperson in CEO’s staff (HB)
2) Be business development spokesperson in CEO’s staff (HB)
3) Represent technical organization in budget negotiations and budget performance (HB)
4) Represent technology and business development functions in Group planning meetings (HB)
5) Represent technical organization at Management Reviews HB)
6) Be technical liaison for acquisitions (HB)
7) Be interface for foreign technology developments (HB)
8) Be responsible for secrecy agreements and other legal documents such as partnership agreements with suppliers and customers (HB)
9) Prioritize and reassign technical resources as appropriate (A,B) (HB)
10) Maintain contact with Technical Directors (TDs) and General Managers (GMs) of other Corporation divisions as appropriate (HB)
11) Protect intellectual property (licensing, evaluation) (HB)
1) Direct capital budget allocation (HB, A, B)
2) Direct expense budget allocation (HB, A, B)
3) Ensure compliance to overall technical capital budget (HB)
4) Ensure compliance to overall technical expense budget (HB)