Role – Technical Director (Member of Operations and Strategy Teams)
1) Select offices for individuals at Innovation Organization (RB, A, B)
1) Be responsible for continuous self-improvement (HB)
2) Recruit new employees as needed (RB, A, B)
3) Grade all jobs in the dept. (HB)
4) Set personnel salary increases consistent with guidelines (HB)
5) Provide for succession planning (HB) (A)
6) Responsible for hiring and dismissals (HB) (A)
7) Advise hiring and dismissals of other technical departments (A)
8) Build a cohesive, supportive team (HB)
9) Cross-train all personnel and support career planning efforts (HB) (A)
10) Coach department members (HB)
11) Facilitate conflicts (HB)
12) Provide training for continuous technology development (HB) (A)
1) Responsible for technical projects (HB)
2) Be technical advisers to plant, sales, marketing functions and customers (A)
3) Review pricing recommendations for new projects (HB)
4) Advise General Managers on capital equipment and office space (A)
5) Advise Sales and Marketing on directions of customer accounts (A)
6) Define technical project flow with Sales, marketing, and general Managers (HB)
7) Provide technical input for customer / supplier strategies (A)
8) Conflict resolution with General Managers on running plant trials, the scope of the team and the priority (HB)
9) Prioritize projects within the dept. (HB)
10) Assess energizing Market/Technical opportunities (HB, A)
11) Ensure an integrated or systems-approach to technology development where needed (HB, A)
1) Responsible for recommending the department’s budget (HB)
2) Responsible for compliance to department’s budget (HB)