Role – Director/Manager, Technical Support Department (Member of Operations Team)
1. Allocate laboratory bench space for Technical Support Department team members (HB, A, B)
2. Responsible for laboratory housekeeping, storage space and safety (HB, A, B)
1. Be responsible for continuous self-improvement (HB)
2. Grade all jobs in the Support Group (HB)
3. Provide compensation increase to support personnel consistent with Innovation Organization’s guidelines (HB)
4. Recruit new employees as needed (HB, A, B)
5. Responsible for support personnel hiring and dismissals (HB, B)
6. Advise hiring and dismissals of other technical departments (A)
7. Build a cohesive, supportive team (HB)
8. Cross train all personnel (HB)
9 . Coach support team members (HB )
10. Facilitate conflicts (HB)
1. Responsible for technical projects for Support Group (HB)
2. Responsible for managing the Support Group so that technical information is delivered in a timely manner and with highest quality to Innovation Organization projects and divisions (HB)
3. Be technical adviser to Innovation Organization projects, divisional R&D projects,
manufacturing QA and technical marketing (HB)
4. Advise R&D VP and management team on capital equipment needs and responsible for purchase of equipment (HB)
5. Advise Innovation Organization and Divisions on new analytical technologies and implement as needed (HB)
6. Define Support operation flow for Management system (HB,B)
7. Prioritize requests from Innovation Organization projects and divisions (HB, B)
8. Conflict resolution regarding job priority (HB, B)
9. Work as a team with other technical project teams and assign appropriate Support team member to the project (HB)
10. Identify outside service laboratory and flexible work force to accommodate over flow jobs (HB)
1. Responsible for recommending and controlling the Support budget (HB)
2. Responsible for compliance to Innovation Organization budget (HB)
3. Conduct financial analysis to determine value of purchase (HB)