Role – Director/Manager, Human Resources Department (Member of Operations Team)
1. Recruit new employees as needed (HB, A, B)
2. Ensure job descriptions are complete and grade all new jobs (HB, A)
3. Participate in technical salary surveys in order to ensure competitive salaries for all employees at Innovation Organization (HB, A, B)
4. Recommend promotional increases and offers to new hires based on salary “maps”
(HB, A)
5. Coordinate terminations with management team to meet legal requirements (HB)
6. Ensure that affirmative action efforts are made in all new hire, promotional and transfer opportunities (HB, A)
7. Advise all Innovation Organization employees on conflict resolution when necessary (HB, A)
8. Advocate an open, motivating and productive environment for all employees (HB, A)
9. Ensure that HR is integrated into the strategic and operational plan of Innovation Organization (HB, A)
1. Support all of Innovation Organization’s HR needs (HB)
2. Interview all final candidates for Innovation Organization jobs (HB)
3. Negotiate new hire, promotional and termination packages (HB, B)
4. Serve as facilitator during conflict resolution when required (HB, A)
5. Design and/or facilitate organizational development meetings as appropriate (HB,
6. Investigate any equal employment opportunity charges upon notification (HB)
7. Bring forward to the management team, identified needs and concerns of employees which require attention (HB, A)
8. Coach Managers and team leaders on developing employees (HB, A)
9. Administer the compensation and benefits program for Innovation Organization (HB)
D. Financial