Role – Project Leader for Support Projects (May be members of Strategy Team)
Lab Safety (A)
1) Responsible for continuous self-improvement (HB)
1) Define and assess customer trends (HB)
2) Advise Innovation Organization of technical and market trends (HB)
3) Develop new sources based on market and technology trends (HB)
4) Work with Innovation Organization and plants on project initiation to establish objectives and determine project cost, timing and technology needed (HB)
5) Work as team with Innovation Organization and plant groups to prioritize projects and to commercialize products (HB,B)
6) Run Innovation Organization plant and customer requests (HB)
7) Respond to customer needs (HB)
8) Advise capital equipment needed (A)
9) Use consultants and universities as technical sources (HB, A)
10) Recommend consultants and licensing for faster commercialization (A)
11) Provide technical advice to Innovation Organization and other Corporate divisions (A)
12) Maintain supplier contacts and disseminate information to other Corporate technical and marketing functions (HB)
13) Keep current on materials/technology and advise other groups (HB)
1) Manage assigned project funds within budget (HB)
2) Obtain POs to support work (HB)
3) Authorized to initiate work and trials up to $10,000 (HB)