Role – Project Leaders for “upstream” projects focused on science, fuzzy-front-end, pre-development, creating patent positions, or shortening development cycle times. (May be members of Strategy Team)
1) Responsible for continuous self-improvement (HB)
1) Advise technical departments of technical trends (HB)
2) Identify and adapt new technologies to Corporation’s needs (HB)
3) Establish objectives and determine project cost and timing (HB)
4) Work as team with marketing, technical, and plant groups to shorten their product development cycles (HB, B)
5) Run Innovation Organization and plant trials (HB)
6) Advise capital equipment needed (A)
7) Use consultants and universities as technical sources (HB)
8) Recommend consultants and licensing for faster commercialization (A)
9) Provide technical advice to Innovation Organization and other Corporate Divisions (A)
10) Work with technical manager to establish project objectives, scope, projected costs and timing (HB)
11) Consult with Pilot Plant and Analytical Services to determine suitability, availability of existing process equipment, and potential for modifications (HB)
12) Work with suppliers, equipment vendors, Analytical and Pilot Plant to obtain needed materials and process equipment and schedule (HB)
13) Cost-out project assignments to gain maximum value with the most cost effective experimental methodology (HB)
14) Advise on performance of team personnel (A)
15) Build successful project teams
1) Control budget and timing of projects (HB)
2) Responsible for getting financial information to determine value to Company (HB)
3) Authorized to $10,000 expense (HB)