By looking at the complete ”IP Process Flowchart” figure, the integration with other business functions is easily seen. The concept or patent analysis must be coordinated with the information services group. The assertion analysis phase is done in conjunction with the marketing and legal groups. In-licensing is done with the open innovation and technical groups. Creating and expanding intellectual property is typically done with the innovation or technical groups. Out-licensing requires the legal, marketing, technical, and licensing organizations. Assertion negotiations and litigations require the general management, technical, marketing, and negotiation teams. Donations require tax, marketing, and technical interfaces. Abandonment requires interfaces between general management, technical, and marketing. Maintaining IP requires general management, marketing, technical, and intellectual property teams.

IP Process Flowchart

Leaving knowledgeable individuals out of any of these process steps may at the time appear to be saving time and money, but in fact studies by the Industrial Research Institute and Licensing Executive Society professionals find it is much more productive to include all the necessary individuals in a well-designed meeting to make final, high-quality decisions, quickly and productively.