Gate Evaluation Form

When a project comes up for a Gate review the attendees should be the project team, the advisory group, and the personnel responsible for project governance. During the gate review the gate questions are reviewed and answered by project team members. These questions were outlined in previous posts. As the review progresses, advisory team and governance members rate the project on the anchored scales as shown in the “Gate Evaluation Form” figure. At the end of the gate review the results for each question are tallied and projected so all participants can see the results. A gate review facilitator then walks through the questions and where outlying opinions are expressed in the answers to any of the questions, the individuals responsible for providing the outlying opinions are asked to explain why they hold the beliefs they do. In this way blind spots the project team’s progress are uncovered. After this discussion the governance team members provide a consensus view on which one anchored scale answer is selected for each of the questions. The project team will take forward this consensus answer in planning their next steps. This way the project team gets both a diversity of inputs for consideration, yet specific guidance as to what to do next.