“Use” Map

The first test is to evaluate the application using the “Use Map” figure (more completely described in chapter 13). This mapping done is to ensure the new patent application’s relevance to the corporations mission vision objectives. This proposed patent applications that map into the upper left-hand quadrant of the decision matrix should receive the full and complete attention of those intellectual property resources assigned to the project team. These applications are likely to be high value to the Corporation and should be thoughtfully and timely prosecuted. Those applications that map in the lower left quadrant of the decision matrix should be considered as low level “inventor recognition” patents, and prosecuted with lower priority and level of resources. That for most corporations it’s important to make sure that the sales and marketing teams agreed that the key attributes of the proposed patent applications in fact will cover a feature of the product service to be sold that will provide incremental sales or profits because of the exclusive nature of that feature in the corporations offerings. Those patent applications mapping on the right side of the use matrix should be declined and put on the shelf for later prosecution if the company’s direction changes.