Associated with individual projects are Competitive Assessment Tools and Viewpoints used for evaluating the health of a platform or portfolio of projects. The book “Third Generation R&D” contains a variety of visual tools for selecting and improving an R&D Portfolio

The Industrial Research Institute’s Research on Research Sub-committee’s improved on the R&D Portfolio selection process. Their results and other best practices can be found in Chapter 7, Technology Strategic Planning, of this Compendium.

Competitive Assessment Tools and Viewpoints also support the Portfolio selection process by providing Tools and Viewpoints that show the company’s overall capabilities and direction, and patent portfolio strengths and weaknesses. These are shown as Tools #51 through Tool #55.

Tool #51 Map of Company Competency & New Projects
Tool #53 Map of Company Patent Activity
Tool #55 Document Meeting Thoughts and Analysis
Tool #52 Proposed Features Map In The Context of All Possibilities
Tool #54 Cycle Time for Patent Prosecution