Patent Classification of Art In Sub-Field of Interest

As shown in the “Patent Classification of Art In Sub-Field of Interest” figure, it can be seen that the top three areas relate to adhesive compositions (C09J), applications of these adhesives (A61F), and product constructions using these adhesives (B32B). In particular the detailed uses found in this patent classification relate to: filters implantable into blood vessels, prostheses, orthopedic, nursing and contraceptive devices, fomentation, treatment of eyes and ears, bandages, dressing and absorbent pads, and first aid kits. The product constructions use consist of layered products built of either flat or non-flat cellular or honey comb forms. Some of these market opportunities were new to the project team and recorded for follow-up in business databases. Before proceeding however the team wanted to find out if this was an area of active investment or not.