Summary Strategic Gap Analysis Table

For executive teams the extended SWOT analysis example can work well for backup but an even shorter form needs to be used to set the stage during presentations. The “Summary Strategic Gap Analysis Table” figure shows how the analysis can be collapsed in a way that shows both weaknesses and benefits. This graphic works well is a summary report card.

To show the strengths and weaknesses of intellectual property portfolios that will be involved in M&A transactions a different approach to presenting the information utilizes radar/star/spider diagrams. To create these databases of all relevant art in a field are aggregated, and then the individual portfolios of the entities being proposed for acquisition are compared. To do this 22 measures of portfolio performance are calculated and compared. The 22 measures are segmented into three general areas related to (1) legal strength – prosecution/maintenance/litigation, (2) citation strength – by other entities citing the portfolios patents, and (3) geographic strength – in the major Tier 1 and BRIC countries.