When it comes to concise display of competitor information, storyboards are an excellent choice. On the competitor wall of the competitive intelligence war room large storyboards are used to display each major competitor’s information. The “Example Competitor Storyboard” figure shows how the elements are laid out.

Example Competitor Storyboard

The deliverable for the storyboard is to provide a summarization of competitive assessment data. It’s elements should include the competitors basic profile, financials, philosophy, timelines, executive team, international presence on a map, key acquisitions and their impact on existing product and service offerings, key market segment profiles, business unit’s organizational diagrams, and recent news. Key business information to be included is the founding date, headquarter size and location, other locations, and structure. Financial information should include net sales and profit margins. The corporate philosophy should be present and the entities’ visions and objectives shown. Any M&A history should also be part of the display.