A more detailed analysis is shown in the “Generational Differences Chart” figure, provided by WMFC.

Generational Differences Charts
Generational Differences Chart

All technical and new business development teams, be they focused on project commercialization’s or strategic planning, have to take into account which generation will be the recipient of the work product or service produced. With this insight, the project membership should be balanced accordingly. Likewise depending upon the goals of the product or service to be delivered the working styles needed for project success should be considered based on the amount of expected work needing to be done in the timeframe available for completion of the project.

For rewards and recognition for work, the E&Y study found that cash is still considered the most important perk across all generations, with 49% of respondents agreeing this is the case. However, intrinsic motivators for technical and business development work provides a greater return to the company and employees as discussed in the Business Returns from Rewarding vs. Paying Productive Project Team Members section of this chapter. The most valuable of these intrinsic motivators varies by generation and should be taken into account by senior managers and executives.