Examples of Anchored Scales for rating Development Projects on their pathway to technical and commercial success are:

1. Proprietary position
2. Competencies and skills
3. Complexity
4. Access to external technology
5. Manufacturing capability
6. Customer and market need
7. Market and brand recognition
8. Distribution channels
9. Customer strength
10. Raw material supply
11. Environment health and safety

When using these anchored scales the scale of 1 to 5 has been used. The answers to each question need not be absolutely precise, but should enable comparisons. Each of the attributes should also have a weighting factor. Note that the weightings used when screening potential projects in the concept stage at the fuzzy front end might be quite different from those that are for more mature projects. The anchored scale score times the weighting of the factor would give a weighted success factor score. These factor scores would be totaled to give an overall rating for various projects.

Anchored Scales for rating Development Projects