MBTI-based Creativity Index Effects

Results when using the MBTI instrument are shown in the “MBTI-based Creativity Index Effects” figure. This shows that project leaders and team members in the high creative half of the sample (as measured by the MBTI instrument) outperform those in the bottom half according to the following success metrics: (1) The more highly creative group did more projects. (2) The more highly creative group branched the projects more frequently (redirected or significantly morphed them). (3) The more highly creative group was responsible for identifying concepts that, when later commercialized by the business, made far greater profits: $197 million versus $15 million.

Individuals with a strong MBTI-based preference for intuition and thinking, and who correspond to Keirsey’s Rational’s (NT’s) were identified as delivering new business development business cases that made money. They outperformed all other Keirsey temperaments.