Because the NT temperament significantly outperforms the other temperaments a rainmaker Index is shown in the “MBTI-based Rainmaker Index Calculation” figure was used to improve the identification of individuals best suited for conducting early stage, high-risk, breakthrough projects. As shown in the “MBTI-based Rainmaker Index Effects” figure, those individuals in the upper third of the Rainmaker Index earned 95 times more profit than those in the lower third.

MBTI-based Rainmaker Index Calculation
MBTI-based Rainmaker Index Effects

Individuals with RI scores in the upper third also carried out more projects by a factor of two. Typically this happened because the individuals with higher RI scores volunteered to do more studies. They would also often create positive outcomes even when the project they were initially handed turned out to be negative. In effect the high Rainmakers would often morph or change a negative project into a positive one, by changing the direction of the project, or branching it. Rainmakers clearly enjoy doing this kind of work much more than those with lower scores.

These results show that personality assessments of project team members, and assigning individuals to projects where their personality traits best match the type of project work to be done, is a critical element of new business development project management. This is particularly important when undertaking radical or breakthrough projects.