“Green” Product Development “Sweet Spot” for Speed-to-Market Initiatives

You must manage time-to-market and Speed-to-Market at the right stage of product development (The sweet spot is in the development stage).

  1. Managing time-to-market and Speed-to-Market works when technological invention is finished, and technical work is confined to creating or optimizing the product. At this stage the technology needed for the product is under sufficient control to enable product development to be planned.
  2. A structured process can be used to manage technology research and invention however it must be managed differently from product development. In a research process you need to monitor progress and set goals that are technical. When leadership meets with the team, they look at the technical goals and the current experimental data and compare the technology’s performance to what is needed.
  3. While in the product development stage no technological invention should be needed and the technical work to be done is restricted to the creation of the product: the details of how it will go together, what materials to use, etc. Efficiency in development cycle time is a goal in this stage.