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Intellectual Property Metrics

Metrics related to intellectual property have been covered lightly in some of the previous chapters on intellectual property. This section specifically addresses intellectual property metrics is related to R&D or business performance. Key high-level intellectual property metrics relating to R&D performance are: R&D $ / Patent% Patents Utilized (by category of Existing Products, [...]


Competitive Intelligence Metrics

In order to excel as a technical organization it’s imperative to have good business competitive intelligence to understand both the business and technology environments. Without this understanding the best projects for commercialization will not be picked and project teams cannot be resourced appropriately to deal with competitive efforts. Cultural Adaptation Model Dimensions The [...]


Visual Display of Metrics for Projects’ Progress and R&D Dashboard

Sometimes a picture is worth 1000 words. Pictures can also convey a lot more emotion, eliciting accolades or empathy. Visual Display of Technical Progress Visual Display of Market Progress Visual Display of Fun As shown in the three figures, “Visual Display of Technical Progress”, “Visual Display of Market Progress”, and “Visual Display of [...]


Outcome / Governance Metrics and Inconsistent Correlations

At the highest level of abstraction lies Outcome or Governance metrics. These measure the results of R&D that shareholders can see and experience. From these stakeholders’ perspective questions like “what is the appropriate amount of money for to spend on R&D?” and “how do we know our investment in R&D is required for [...]


Output Metrics for Assessing R&D Technology Assets

The logic for utilizing this point of view is derived from the argument that the ability to visualize and measure intellectual capital is a prerequisite for effective technology management. Intellectual capital (e.g., competencies, technologies, brands) and the ability to use it explain to a large extent the success and market value of technology [...]


Output Metrics Based Upon Business Success Criteria

Business AttractivenessSales profit potentialFinancial returnNew sales ratioCost savings ratioR&D YieldR&D ReturnProjected value of the R&D pipelineSalesIncomeGrowth potentialFinancial returnNew sales ratioCost savings ratioProjected value of the R&D pipelineSalesIncomeCompetitive positionMarket shareSales protected by proprietary positionProduct synergyStrategic alignmentNumber of ways technology is exploitedIndustry restructuring by breakthrough technology/processesPolitical/social factorsBusiness FitCapital availabilityNumber of projects having business/marketing approvalPercent funded [...]


Output Metrics that Drive the Performance of a Business Unit

Dominant FactorsA high-quality new project processUse of project milestoneEfficiency of internal technical processesProject championshipNumber and quality of patentsPercent UsefulValue RatioPercent RetentionPeer evaluationInternalSales protected by proprietary positionPatents OnlyGate effectivenessCost relative to budgetDecision Gate ProcessesProbability of successQuality of technology planA defined new product strategy for business unitStrategic alignmentGoal clarityCost relative to budgetQuality of technology planAdequate [...]


Output Metrics that Drive New Product Success at the Strategic Business Unit Level

ProfitabilityProfitability Relative to SpendingFinancial returnNew sales ratioCost savings ratioR&D YieldR&D ReturnProfit ImpactFinancial returnGross Profit MarginMeeting Sales ObjectivesStrategic alignmentMeeting Profit ObjectivesStrategic alignmentFinancial returnProfitability versus CompetitorsComparative manufacturing costGross Profit MarginOverall SuccessCustomer satisfactionExternalInternalProduct quality and reliabilityMarket shareResponse time to competitors moves Impact on Business UnitSuccess RateEfficiency of internal technical processesTechnology transfer to manufacturingPercentage of Sales by [...]

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