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Follow Your Dream to Become a Successful Mompreneur

In the past, being a stay-at-home mom and a business owner might have sounded too good to be true. However, with the rise of the digital age, it's become a reality for many parents. If you have an idea, all you need is a plan to get started. First, these tips will help [...]


What to Do When A Company’s IP Culture Varies Across the Organization

When a company’s IP culture varies across a company’s business units and IP functional groups inefficiencies develop. This was highlighted during a recent webinar with many prominent companies IP organizations represented.  The simple answer of having “a single organization responsible for making sure everything is uniform” was appropriately shouted down by noting in [...]


The Importance of Walking-The-Talk When It Comes to Company Vision, Mission and Values

The news of a Union being formed at Google highlights the importance of congruent Company Vision, Mission and Values.   Although formation of a Union will not likely have a material effect on Google’s top management’s incongruent behavior, the Union’s formation does indicate that senior individuals are deviating from the basic “tacit” governing principles [...]


Transferring Learning About Speed-to-Market Across The Organization

Transferring learning about Speed-to-Market between product development teams across the organization is a critical component of realizing the benefits of improving Speed-to-MarketTransferring learning between product development teams takes place primarily though person-to-person interaction as there is a lot of tacit information involved.Some of this interaction will take place when people move between product [...]


Effective Decision-Making Matters!

Effective, timely decision-making is essential.Effective and timely decision-making by both the leadership of the business and the product development project team is essential for managing time-to-market and product development speed.The decision-making process must include both the leadership of the business and the product development project team.Leadership Team Decision-MakingThe leadership team makes decisions for [...]


Methods of Accelerating Innovation and Product Development

Methods of Accelerating Innovation and Product Development Matrix Some general methods for improving Speed-to-Market are shown in the Methods of Accelerating Innovation and Product Development MatrixSimplify – Clarify objectives and remove distractions from both the process and the product.Eliminate Delays – Many sources of delay can be anticipated through review of learnings from [...]


Enablers of Speed-to-Market Performance

Enablers Are Pre-conditions for managing time-to-market and achieving Speed-to-Market They are independent of any specific method, tool or technique.It’s essential to have the enablers of managing Speed-to-Market in place. Critically important is to measure time-to-market and the value of improving Speed-to-Market so you can see the impacts of changes you make.  Focus on [...]


Setting Speed-to-Market Metrics

DO: Take account of the familiarity of the project team with the type of product and the intended market when setting a time to marketThe ability of the project team to do the following are the rate limiting processes in Speed-to-Market :acquire the information they need – customer feedback, for example,assimilate it and [...]


Project Team Do’s and Do-not’s

DO: Keep the project team stableProduct development teams become better at learning cycles of “acquire – assimilate – apply” with experience. acquire the information they need,assimilate it and combine it with their existing knowledge; and,apply the knowledge they have generated to developing the new productConsequently, time to market will decrease for similar new products [...]


Where During the Development Cycle Does Speed-to-Market Really Count?

"Green" Product Development "Sweet Spot" for Speed-to-Market Initiatives You must manage time-to-market and Speed-to-Market at the right stage of product development (The sweet spot is in the development stage). Managing time-to-market and Speed-to-Market works when technological invention is finished, and technical work is confined to creating or optimizing the product. At this stage [...]

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