Role – Project Leaders for “downstream” projects and developments that create deliverables for operating divisions and value to Corporation (May be members of Strategy Team)
1) Responsible for continuous self-improvement (HB)
2) Provide assessment of team member performance (A)
1) Advise on performance of project personnel (A)
2) Build successful project teams (HB)
3) Be the technical interface and liaison with customers (HB)
4) Keep current on materials/technologies (HB, A)
5) Provide technical advice which demonstrates insight, understanding, direction, and coordination to customers (HB)
6) Mange all aspects of customer projects (HB)
7) Define/access customer needs (HB)
8) Work to build a team w/Sales, Marketing and Manufacturing (HB)
9) Be visible/responsive to customers (HB)
10) Be proactive in pursuing innovative and upgraded technical concepts (BB)
11) Initiate and maintain focus on commercialization of products from beginning to end of experimental trials (HB)
12) Provide capital and capacity input and coordination (A)
13) Work jointly with Process Engineers/Product Specialists (HB)
14) Match customer’s needs and expectations to Corporation’s capabilities and show the benefits that the Corporation can bring (HB)
15) Provide technical value input to team for pricing (HB)
16) Negotiate customer trials support (A)
17) Provide reports, time line updates monthly (HB)
18) Provide competitive intelligence (HB, A)
19) Be able to articulate customer’s business strategy (HB, A)
20) Develop products consistent with customer’s business strategy (HB)
21) Ensure that appropriate resources, people (internal customers) and money are allocated (HB)
22) Be the supplier contact for technical and project information (HB, A)
23) Provide technical assessment of divisions internal technical/ manufacturing strengths (HB)
24) Provide technical assessment of emerging markets/technology trends (HB)
25) Proper project documentation for ensuring intellectual property (HB)
26) Responsible for all project information (HB)
27) Ensure customer knowledge of the value of Innovation Organization product development and support (HB)
28) Consult with Pilot Plant and Analytical Services to determine suitability, availability of existing process equipment, and potential for modifications (HB)
29) Advise on performance of team personnel (A)
30) Build successful project teams (HB)
1) Manage assigned project funds within budget (HB)
2) Authorized to $10,000 of expenses (HB)
3) Responsib1e for getting financial information to determine value of project to Company (HB)
4) Forecast project budget (HB)