Development projects are the few projects that are highly promising for commercialization and meet all the requirements for profitable business products. The following eleven Competitive Assessment Tools and Viewpoints for this Development stage (Tools 33-43) are designed to test if candidate technologies in this stage have forecast long-term corporate benefits, and meet all the strategic requirements of fit, alignment, and attractiveness for the business. Emphasis shifts in the Development stage to harder-edge issues, such as timing and execution to assure that market windows are met and product needs are satisfied. There is also emphasis on maintaining and extending technologies to keep a competitive edge in the marketplace. Milestones are important due to cycle time issues. Project funding must be managed more carefully due to budgets which are typically millions of dollars, rather than the 100 times lower investment that may be typical of Feasibility and Preliminary Assessment stages. Competitive Assessment Tools and Viewpoints shift in this stage from tools to expand and build an idea to include tools that support seeking and building Intellectual property protection around the project.

Tool #33 Competitive Technology and Use Map
Tool #35 Map of similar technologies
Tool #37 Recent Patent Activity Chart
Tool #39 Chart Showing Areas to Lock-Up or Lock-Out
Tool #41 Citation Root-tree Showing Project’s IP Position
Tool #43 Notes to Support U.S. Patent Application Preparation
Tool #34 Map of Achievable Product and Service Features
Tool #36 Chart of related markets
Tool #38 Recent Patent Application Chart
Tool #40 Citation Tree Showing Project’s IP Position
Tool #42 Cycle Time for Patent Prosecution