The following twelve Competitive Assessment Tools and Viewpoints for the Feasibility stage (Tools 21-32) are designed to test whether a concept can be validated in the lab and with some lead customers. The emphasis is on proof-of-principle in real business applications. Business considerations such as market window and competitive reaction begin to be important, although there will still be exploration of options and possible spin-offs of the technology or concept. The “filtration” function at this gate is fairly strong, since although the cost of research in the Feasibility stage is still not great, there will be many more candidate ideas than there are resources to explore them. Competitive Assessment Tools and Viewpoints for this stage are designed to help a project leader and team wisely narrow the technologies and markets under consideration. The tools also help the leader/team identify partners that can speed the feasibility process.

Tool #21 Refined Map of Technology and Uses
Tool #23 Map of Which Proposed Product Features Are Feasible
Tool #25 Chart of Related Markets
Tool #27 Recent Patent Application Chart
Tool #29 Citation Tree Showing Project’s Prior Art
Tool #31 Cycle Time for Patent Prosecution
Tool #22 Table of Inventors by Assignee
Tool #24 Chart of Similar Technologies
Tool #26 Recent Patent Activity Chart
Tool #28 Chart Narrowing Areas to Explore
Tool #30 Root-tree Showing Competitive Environment
Tool #32 Notes for Documenting Findings