To understand the areas of investment in more detail the landscape map is made from the text found in the patent specification. Since passive since patent specifications cover both business and technology elements the landscape map of the “Specific Business/Technology Areas of Investment Focus” figure can be used to understand who is really competing with whom.

Specific Business/Technology Areas of Investment Focus

On this map the colored dots show the location of each company’s art on the landscape formed from all patents and applications. Observations from the map are that the Client’s work (shown as blue dots) on the IP landscape is focused in several distinct areas away from its competitors. Competitor A (yellow dots) and C (purple dots) have the most overlap with Client. Competitor B (brown dots) has the least. Additionally, Competitor A’s portfolio is spread over most of the landscape, whereas Competitor C has the most targeted portfolio. In summary, Competitors A and C offer the greatest technical threat. Competitor B would provide the most synergy in a partnership arrangement.