Use Map for Assessing Internal Value to a Corporation

To further assess the internal value of the “Client” patent portfolio, it is mapped on the “Use Map” as shown in the figure. In this graphic patents are placed on grid rows based on which business they are protecting. For the vertical “Business Cycle” scale the three areas are defined by (1) “Growth Business” is growing double digits, (2) “Core Business” is growing single digits, and (3) “Mature Business” is holding its own or declining. Patents are place in columns based on the state of the product or process they protect. For the horizontal “Direction” scale, the four areas are defined by (1) “Commercially” is being offered for sale now, (2) “Strategic” is in written into current operating plans, (3) “Potentially strategic” is in written into current strategic plans, and (4) “Outside” is in none of the above. Likely conclusions that can be taken from a completed matrix include identification of art that the Business should be willing to license lies in the upper right quadrant, and art that the Business should maintain and build further patent fences around lies in the upper left quadrant.