Understanding what a company is really up against in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology areas is certainly a challenge. In her paper on “pharmaceutical and biotechnology assessment on a slim budget”, Candace Hughes points out that on the one hand there are large number of for-pay resources that have extracted information and specific market in therapeutic areas. On the other hand, a general Google search in general areas can yield an overwhelming number of search returns.

Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Related Internet Site Resources

In order to get the best search results on unusual target or market areas, dogpile.com is recommended as a search aggregator in order to collect returns that individually Google and other search providers might miss. Alternative search engines that are targeted more toward scientific and medical information include scirus.com. Other medical and scientific search engines on the web can be useful are omnimedicalsearch.com, HON MedHunt, and medicinenet.com. When looking at the latest data from clinical studies, a useful resource is pubmedcentral.nih.gov. Once a study is completed, you can look for the results on clinicalstudyresults.org. The “Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Related Internet Site Resources” figure lists these and other resources.

Another way to learn about early-stage research ahead of meeting presentations is through press releases. Website Science Daily collects and post research related press releases. Other interesting pharmaceutical and biotech blogs to provide useful pharmaceutical and biotech information include: (1) http://blogs.zdnet.com/emergingtech (2) http://www.corante.com (3) http://www.futurepundit.com (4) http://medblog.us (6) http://www.medgadget.com