Value Map for Assessing Internal & External Value to a Corporation

When the number of patents from all parties of interest is less than 100, they can be further checked for the internal and external value of the respective patent portfolios. To do so they are mapped (own company “client” along with competitor portfolios) on the “Value Map” as shown in the figure. In this graphic patents are placed on the grid one by one, denoted here by text inserts and yellow dots in the figure. The x-axis placement is determined by the relative cost to create and deliver the product and the y-axis placement is determined by the relative performance of the product as perceived by customers. Likely Conclusions that can be taken from this viewpoint are that art in the upper left is of high value, should be maintained, and have patent fences built out around it. Art located in the lower right is of very low value and should be donated or abandoned. Art in the upper right and lower left is licensed per a company’s brand image.