Dominant Factors
A high-quality new project process
Use of project milestone
Efficiency of internal technical processes
Project championship
Number and quality of patents
Percent Useful
Value Ratio
Percent Retention
Peer evaluation
Sales protected by proprietary position
Patents Only
Gate effectiveness
Cost relative to budget
Decision Gate Processes
Probability of success
Quality of technology plan
A defined new product strategy for business unit
Strategic alignment
Goal clarity
Cost relative to budget
Quality of technology plan
Adequate resources of people and capital
Comparative Technology Investment
Adequate resources
R&D spending as a percentage of sales
Projected value of the R&D pipeline
Projected Sales
Projected Income

Next Level Factors
High-quality new project teams
Development cycle time
Quality of personnel
Internal customer rating
External customer rating
External recognition
Published works
Product quality and reliability
Efficiency of internal technical processes
Customer rating of technical capability
Number of defects reported
Senior management committed to, and invovled in, new products
Goal clarity
Management support
An innovative climate and culture
Employee morale
Idea generation and creativity
R&D climate