Mining SEC Forms

8-K Item Codes In his article on “Mining SEC forms for material events”, Michael Levy points out that competitive intelligence professionals are benefiting from the fraud committed at the end of the late 1990s. In attempt to prevent future fraud and improve corporate transparency, the SEC mandated a broader set of 8K material [...]


Mining Pharmaceutical and Biotech Sources

Understanding what a company is really up against in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology areas is certainly a challenge. In her paper on “pharmaceutical and biotechnology assessment on a slim budget”, Candace Hughes points out that on the one hand there are large number of for-pay resources that have extracted information and specific market [...]


SWOT of a Patent Portfolio

To summarize all the above information for the management team, the assessment this competitive intelligence team produced would be put into four bullet points: Strengths: Established industry, Competitive yet healthy rivalry, Competitors have different strategies and approaches, and the portfolios are suited to protect each companies own business interest. Weaknesses: No strong IP [...]


Evaluation of a Competitor’s Value of its Patent Portfolio

Value Map for Assessing Internal & External Value to a Corporation When the number of patents from all parties of interest is less than 100, they can be further checked for the internal and external value of the respective patent portfolios. To do so they are mapped (own company “client” along with competitor [...]


Evaluation of a Competitor’s Use of its Patent Portfolio

Use Map for Assessing Internal Value to a Corporation To further assess the internal value of the “Client” patent portfolio, it is mapped on the “Use Map” as shown in the figure. In this graphic patents are placed on grid rows based on which business they are protecting. For the vertical “Business Cycle” [...]


Evaluation of a Competitor’s Patent Investment Velocities

Investment Velocities To find out if the field is active the number of patents published per year is plotted as shown in the “Investment Velocities” figure. This is referred to as investment velocity because the work done at the Industrial Research Institute found that issued US patents correspond to approximately $1 million spent [...]


Evaluation of a Competitor’s Patent Portfolio

In the “Competitor A’s Patent Portfolio“ figure, the art held by this competitor is moderately strong in all four categories. The portfolio is of a moderate size. Applications and patents are filed worldwide. The number of references and cited by counts contained in these patents and applications is around the average for benchmarked [...]


Evaluation of a Company’s Patent Portfolio

When profiling an IP portfolio from a business perspective, there are six main areas to consider. These are: (1) Overall Size and Scope, (2) Validity and Value, (3) Licensing Size, Depth and Breadth, (4) Sustainability, (5) Velocity, and (6) Direction. For the first four areas a star/spider chart is made using over two [...]


Assessing Competitors’ and Partners’ Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats with IP Competitive Intelligence

When developing strategic plans it is important to know your competitor strengths and weaknesses. Likewise when developing business partners the same needs exist. The long-term viability of a business is strongly dependent upon knowing your competitor strengths and weaknesses, identifying opportunities and threats these competitors present, and uncovering unknown competitors. When developing this [...]

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